Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to take great product photos

Light Box Product Photos
Great product pictures are key to making sales. Good results can come from using sunlight. For the first 3 months of my Etsy shop I took all my pictures in sunlight.
Last week I finished a product just before midnight and I was excited to list it. I don't live in Norway so there was no sunlight to take my pics. In the morning I set out to create a lightbox so I could take product pics at anytime.
It cost me less than $60 and took less than 30 minutes. Here is my shopping list:
  • 3 Clamp Lights
  • 3 60Watt 5,000K LED Light Bulbs
  • Wood Patterned Shelf 12"x24"
  • White Curtain 84"x59"
  • 2 Wooden Sticks 24"
  • String ~30'
I hung the wooden sticks from the ceiling about 16 inches apart. The curtain was cut in half. Half the curtain I draped front back. The other half I draped left to right.
I set the side lights on the table and propped them up a little with the boxes the light bulbs came in. The top light I clamped to a pipe on my wall.
I set the wood grain board inside the lightbox to be the background of my pictures.
I take pictures with my iPhone5s. I hold the phone near the top of the lightbox. If I need to crop or adjust anything I do it in iPhoto.
Finished Light Box