Friday, July 17, 2015

Fire Making - Entrepreneur Style - Reflections

8 Days ago I had this brilliant idea for a video. While mowing my lawn I had this bolt of inspiration. I would make a video showing how survival fire making is like starting an online business. Well, 8 days later I still haven't made a fire.

I thought this would be easy. My closest friends describe me as having laser focus. When I get inspired I focus all my energy on that one task. In high school I was inspired one cold winter day. I gave myself the challenge to stay outside until I had successfully made a fire.

I grabbed the nearest materials. A pine wood dowel and a cedar shingle. I notched the cedar shingle and set to spinning the dowel. Quickly, I made smoke, then an ember. I put the ember in a small pile of dry paper and made fire.

It was easy to make fire that first time. I thought it'd be easy to do it again. It turns out I made several lucky mistakes. I started with the most perfect materials. Dry cedar shingle is the best source for fire making. Also I used dry paper for tinder. By chance I had the perfect setup to create fire.

Like any successful online business I could have stopped there and sold you courses on how to make fire. After all, I made fire and now I'm a successful fire maker. Instead I tried it again, years later, in a new place, with new materials. It has been 8 days and I still haven't recreated that original success.