Thursday, May 7, 2015

The 6 Questions Every Successful Blogger Answers

Fail to answer these 6 questions and your blog will flop. Make sure you answer these questions. These questions can take your blog to the next level. If you are just starting a blog then do it right. Spend a little time making sure you have solid answers.

Who? - define who your blog is for

Every post, every title, every icon and every photo needs to be tailored to your specific audience. Who are you writing for? What do they do everyday? Where do they live? What are their favorite books? How do they spend their free time? Make sure you know exactly who you write for.

What? - determine what your blog will be about

Your blog needs focus. Every new visitor should know exactly what to expect from your blog. What are you writing about on your blog? Make sure your theme is specific to your audience and is what they want to read.

When? - when are you going to post to your blog

Create a schedule. Stick to it. Consistency is key to your blog’s success. Your audience will expect your new posts. Make sure you don’t let them down. Write down your posting schedule and stay with it.

Where? - determine which forums, Facebook groups and social media platforms your audience uses

Your audience is already online. Where do they hangout? Do your research and make a list of every place your audience frequents. List your audience’s preferred forums, Facebook groups, other blogs and social media platforms. Then make it a habit to spend time reading the websites on your list. Interact with your audience. 

Why? - You need a strong personal why to keep you motivated through the tough times. Oh yes...there will be plenty of tough times.

Do some self reflection and know why you are blogging. You need a strong reason to keep you motivated. There will be extremely hard days. It will be important to stick to your posting schedule even when you don’t feel like it. Make sure you have a specific reason why you are blogging. Write it down and read it to yourself once a day.

How? - How are you going to do this?

Plan your schedule and resources. How are you going to make this happen? You will need a little money, a little time, and lots of perseverance. How are you going to pay for your web hosting? How are you going to set aside time to write? How are you going to stick with it when it gets tough?

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