Friday, April 10, 2015

Why Fortune500s Fear Your $100 Giftcard

In the past you needed to get a job and develop a career to make a living. An individual was powerless in a market saturated with corporations. The tools to participate in business were so prohibitively expensive that we needed to bow our head and sign a one sided employment contract.

The rules have changed

The tools are now pennies and the marketplace is wide open to anyone with a credit card. The same advertising channels that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars are now $5 a day. The equipment that used to cost $20,000 is now $200. For less than $100 an individual can build a software product that rivals the best enterprise solution. In fact, I did just that.

The riches are in the niches

Burger King used to let customers customize their hamburger. Patrons could have it anyway they wanted it. Customization is a powerful benefit. Choices are available in many products today, but what would happen if choices were everywhere?

What if I could customize my business software without an expensive purchase order or weeks of effort? Oracle doesn’t always work the way my business needs it too. Lotus Notes has features I’m paying for but don’t use. What if custom software solutions were readily available that do exactly what my business requires?

The Fortune500s are afraid

Why are they afraid? Because a programmer with $100 can completely disrupt a product line. In 4 weeks an entire business model can be turned on its head. In 4 weeks a programmer can release a customized product that does exactly what a niche business requires. Industry trend reports and business intelligence won’t be able to give advanced warning either.

If you are a twitter user, you may have heard of Meerkat. is a live video streaming service that popped up overnight. Its success was the combination of a solid platform and fabulous journalism. Overnight, twitter had a competitor that was threatening to take away its media business. Twitter was caught off guard and quickly responded.

In 2015 we will see this story played out several times. In fact, we are a quarter into 2015 and most of the stories have not even started to be worked on. 4 weeks is all it takes to create an industry changing product.

How do I disrupt an industry?

Glad you asked. :) The market has shifted power from the corporation to the individual who is willing to listen and offer real help. Solving business requirements is as easy as talking on the phone or reading through forum posts.

the ebook cover
With the $100 gift card, I won at the AT&T Internet of Things Hackathon, I marketed and built an online product in 4 weeks. I chronicled the entire process in my eBook, "How I Built An Online Product". I share every step I took, the exact advertisements I used, the exact design of my website and even the exact email campaigns I used to launch my product.

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