Monday, April 13, 2015

The power of visualizing

Enter crisis

I've considered several times writing a ranting, open letter to Pinterest. As a husband, father and do-it-yourselfer, Pinterest is the unattainable standard that every home renovation is judged by. The best of the best are on Pinterest and there just isn't a way for my tight schedule and limited abilities to compete.

Enter hope

The beautiful thing about Pinterest is that it shows what's possible. It is a dream board full of stunning color combinations and inspired art. Pinterest is an excellent source if inspiration and goal setting. Someone has actually accomplished this already. The friction and frustration arise when I don't know how to go from what I have to what I see and want.

Enter plan

Visualization is the process of mapping where I am to where I am going. Many of the Pinterest posts feel like a magic show.

The tutorials start out easy and then quickly get out of control.

  1. Go to hobby store by stuff. 
  2. A miracle happens! 
  3. Hang beautiful, handcrafted art on your wall.

The process of mapping out the miracle in step 2 is how I achieve success. I spend the quiet hours of the morning imagining how I will go from where I am to where I want to be. I agonize over every detail, every step. To be successful nothing can be left to chance. Visualization is the process of making a step-by-step plan, with no gaps or miracles.

Enter success

The results come naturally after I make it a habit to go over the plan. A good visualization is a recipe for success. Once the recipe is ready, then it is an easy thing to follow it.