Monday, March 9, 2015

Voice preparation [Phone Interview Series]

Speaking on the phone and giving a speech to an audience requires the same preparation. Both require speaking strong and clear for a duration of time. The difference for me is that I am more comfortable speaking to one person on the phone than several hundred in a room.

Clear dictation and a relaxed voice are an advantage during phone interviews. I've noticed that when my vocal cords are tight and stressed other people have difficulty understanding me; my volume is less and my dictation is mumbled. To help me with my phone interviews I have adapted a small warmup routine to relax my vocal cords and strengthen my dictation.

I use a warmup routine I learned in high school drama class. The warmup is designed to exercise my vocal chords in their full range and move every muscle of my face. You can find the routine by searching 'Trinidad vocal warmup'. There are a few lines of tongue twisters, a couple scales and lots of words full of consonants.

Once I memorized the Trinidad vocal warmup I have never forgotten it. A couple minutes before an important phone interview I drink some water and recite the vocal warmup. This helps me prepare my breathing and gets me into a rhythm of clear speech. The warmup gives me confidence in my strong voice and allows me to focus on the content of my speech more than the delivery.