Friday, March 6, 2015

The secret language of interviewers [Phone Interview Series]

Before any interview it is essential to learn the language. The interviewers I meet are so involved with their jobs that they talk a niched language. Acronyms and shorthand are spoken without thinking I might not be familiar with the terms. I've seen this happen even while discussing topics I'm an expert in. The unfortunate truth is that the interviewers will think less of me if I don't use their terms.

Before any interview I spend some time researching the language of the company and specifically the interviewers. The company website is where I start. Company websites often have poor copy that reeks of niched language. I take the time to lookup every acronym or industry specific word. After the company website I check for other online presence, such as LinkedIn or a company blog.

A few minutes before my phone interview I refresh my mind with the niche language and make sure I can quickly identify what the interviewer will be talking about. I've noticed that I get bonus points in the eyes of the interviewer when I demonstrate knowledge of some of their more obscure terms.

-Good communication is key