Thursday, March 12, 2015

The only slide deck you'll ever need to promote your ideas

I love taking shortcuts; real shortcuts that save time and create higher quality. This shortcut I learned from Dane Maxwell. He teaches this method for starting a business, I've adopted it for selling my ideas to management. The beauty of this method is that I can sell an idea without spending months developing it.

Here's how it works. I start with an idea for improving a product or process. As an expert in my field I know that it will work. My manager trusts my judgement but not enough to take the time to pitch it to his manager to secure the funding I need. Rather than dismiss the idea or try and build it in secret, I create a slide deck that makes it easier for my managers to understand.

The slide deck explains the current problem, my proposed solution and shows my solution in action. The best part is this doesn't take much work on my part. I keep a slide deck template handy and just fill in the blanks. All I need are a couple staged pictures and a few paragraphs describing the problem and my solution.

I am sharing my slide deck template with you. I hope it will help you promote your ideas and take your career to the next level. If you do find success using my slide deck template, I'd love to hear from you, send me an email or leave a comment below.

Download the Slide Deck [Click Here]

If you have screen shots or photoshop mockups of your solution then I recommend placing the images on real devices. Having your solution appear on an iPhone or laptop will make it impactful and tangible. There are many websites that will automate putting your screenshots on real devices, a free resource that I like is The only downside is that if you are working on a sensitive project then you can't upload your photos to the cloud.