Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The one skill to upgrade your career

Working less has been my goal since day one in the real world. I'd rather complete a 10 hour task in 8 hours. I'm always looking for ways to be efficient and productive. There is one skill I've learned that is responsible for the majority of my efficiency improvements. The skill is recognizing and automating repetitive tasks. The tool I use is programming.

I've trained myself to recognize tasks that I perform the most often. Then I break those tasks into manageable pieces and automate the pieces using simple programs, usually Excel. Whenever the tasks needs to be done again I just fire up Excel and hit a couple keys, bam! That was Easy! 

I'm writing a series of posts showing how to use Excel and Powerpoint to create simple automations that take care of repetitive tasks. Follow the automation tag to read more posts on learning how to program.