Sunday, March 8, 2015

Taking notes [Phone Interview Series]

Phone conversations go by fast and keeping track of what was said and what to say next can be a difficult task. To help me track the flow, I map out the conversation on a notepad. I write down key themes, ideas, and questions that pop into my mind.

Taking notes during the phone interview allows me to hold my questions for more appropriate times. I write down my questions and then when the interviewer asks if I have any questions I can go through my list and ask any that didn't get answered during the course of the interview.

Taking notes also helps me improve my phone interview skills. I like to take note of tricky questions or parts of my work history that interested the interviewer. Then I make sure I have answers and details to for these topics ready for my next phone interview.

If I get called in for an in-person interview then I use the notes to brush up on the areas I talked about during the phone call. I have found that in-person interviews follow similar themes as the phone interview. If I take notes during the phone interview I am that much more prepared to speak about topics that interest the company.