Thursday, March 26, 2015

Its easier than you think...much easier [Learn to Program]

You have already programmed. The secret that the well paid programs don't want you to know is that you can already program. Have you ever updated your Facebook status? or texted your friend to pickup pizza? maybe, you used maps to get driving directions? These are all programming. You gave the phone an input and it responded with an action.

Updating your Facebook status required you to write your status update and then the computer responded by posting it to your wall. The input was your status update and the output was the action of posting it to your wall. Programming is that process done over and over, again and again. Programming doesn't look like FB status updates because programmers realized that it is more efficient to program using shorthand and symbols.

A good example of programming is to text 'OMW' on an iPhone and see that it autocompletes to 'On my way!' This is what the seemingly complex looking programs do. The programs are written as a series of shorthand that represents sentences. If you try to read a program without knowing that 'OMW' will become 'On my way!' then the program looks complex, like a foreign language.

The first step to learning to program is to realize that the complex text is just a bunch of shorthand. You need to lookup what each shorthand means and then you can put the sentences together to read what the program is saying. Programmers have memorized a lot of the shorthand so they can quickly read the program and then write what else they want the program to do.