Sunday, March 8, 2015

Equipment [Phone Interview Series]

The sure way to fail a phone interview is to not answer the phone. The second best way to fail is to spend the whole time asking the interviewers to repeat what they said because you couldn't hear them. Good phone equipment is essential.

Fortunately good phone equipment is relatively cheap. I use an iPhone and the headphones that came with it. The headphones are great for hands free talking and the microphone on the iPhone headphones has consistent volume and clear reception.

I have had a couple Skype interviews and in that case I made sure the room didn't echo and the lighting was bright for good video. A little known tip for video is to make sure the light is in front of you. If your desk is against a wall and the light is in the middle of the room you will have a distracting glow behind your head. Again the audio and video that is built into my laptop worked great.

The key to good audio is to test the setup before hand to make sure the sound quality is clear. Before the interview call a friend and ask them how well you sound. Make any adjustments that need to be made and then rock the phone interview!