Saturday, March 7, 2015

A place for everything [Phone Interview Series]

As it turns out most phone interviews happen during business hours. This means I need to be careful when and where I talk on the phone. I don't know about you, but for me that last thing I want is my coworkers and boss knowing I'm looking around. Finding a place where I can talk freely is step one to a great phone interview.

But where can I talk freely at work? Cubicles and open layout offices don't provide the needed privacy. I've been fortunate to work at places with small conference rooms I can schedule. I usually schedule one on a different floor or on the other side of the building. The only gotcha is that some of the rooms had bad cellphone reception, so I always check my bars before scheduling the room.

On a few occasions I've used my car. It is the ultimate quiet spot, but requires I go outside and spend a little longer away from my work. The car is also nice because it is always available to me. If my phone call runs over then I won't be kicked out of a conference room if I'm in my car instead.

No matter where I setup for a phone interview I make sure I can talk freely. My best phone interviews happen where I can speak openly and freely about my work and goals.