Monday, March 16, 2015

3 tips for a better phone interview [Phone Interview Series]

Talk slower

Phone interviews are exciting and when I am talking about topics I'm passionate about I begin to talk fast. During a phone interview I have to constantly remind myself to slowdown and make sure my words are intelligible and spoken at an easy to understand pace. The goal of a phone interview is to give a good impression that leads to an in person interview. Speaking clear and sounding confident will improve my odds.

Take deep breaths

Talking on the phone is just like talking in front of a group of people. Make sure to keep your voice strong by sitting up straight and breathing from your diaphragm. In high school music class I learned to sing strong by breathing with my diaphragm and stomach. To maintain a strong voice throughout a phone interview I use the same techniques singers use.

Write down an introduction

Start the conversation with your strongest self. A good introduction will set the stage for you and give you the best first impression. Show your personality, be polite and start the interview in a comfortable way. Write down your introduction and practice it for a couple friends. When you have an interview you can recite your introduction and start the interview with a confident first impression.