Friday, March 13, 2015

11 writing tips that will take your resume to the next level

Create a personal branding statement

Take time to think about what you want your next job to be. Write down the skills and traits you need to get it. Put these into a single sentence that describes you. Then work hard to make that sentence true with your accomplishments to back it up.

Condense your writing

Hiring managers read dozens of resumes. Make sure your most important accomplishments are clear and near the top of your resume. Remove everything thing that can be removed to make your introduction dense and impactful.

Use bulleted lists

Create a bulleted list of why you are perfect for the job. Put this list near the top of your resume and back it up with specific example in your work history.

Highlight relevant work experience

Pull out relevant experiences from your work history and place them near the top of your resume or in a bulleted list.

Use words that show accomplishment

Hiring managers like to see people who have completed important projects. Use action words that show your active role in your work.

Let your personality show

Unless you are applying for an assembly line job, your personality is one of your strongest differentiators. Let your personality show in how you write your resume.

Write in the first person

You are the one with the awesome experience, claim it.

Tailor your resume to your dream employer

"Dress for the job you want." is good advice, also write your resume for the job want.

Use your resume as a company filter

If you don't want to work for a small, agile company then highlight that you love procedure and paperwork. Let your resume work for you and filter out jobs you don't want. This will also make your resume more valuable to the companies you admire.

Demonstrate your ability to learn new things

The economy is changing quickly, showing that you can profitably adapt is more important than ever.

Bridge the gaps

It is almost certain that the job you want requires skills and experiences you don't yet have. To bridge the gap show how you are learning the skills and putting yourself in places that get you the experience.