Friday, February 13, 2015

My resume is's how I fixed it

I have an excellent resume. The college career counseling services helped me write it. Then my first corporate manager refined it. My resume is the perfect bait for landing Fortune500 hiring managers. Its full of juicy accomplishments and sexy action words. Hiring managers drool over my resume and put me on the top of the pile. I can get an interview at any giant corporation.

My perfect resume is broken.

The same artfully crafted piece of literature that has corporate hiring managers sending me love letters in response, is useless in the new economy. The new innovators and startups see through the old fashioned resume bullshit. The new economy demands candidness and vulnerability. We are in a world where once again humans are valued over titles, accomplishments and pedigree.

My resume doesn’t represent a human, it shows a list of accomplishments that can be purchased and used by any Fortune500. My resume is selling me as a safe guarantee of productivity and alignment of goals. If a Fortune500 purchases my services they are guaranteed a profitable return.

The new innovators are realizing that the model that uses predictable employees to accomplish predetermined tasks is failing. The Fortune500 model has become easily replicated, and in the process it has become abundant and cheap. The Fortune500s are racing for cheaper employees and more boring and predictable products. They are racing to the bottom... to zero profit margins.

I fixed my resume.

My resume has morphed and expanded. The new economy wants humans and my resume presents me as human. My resume has expanded to include my video tutorials, my best blog posts, my unfinished github code, and even my twitter handle. It is a collection showing off my most human self and all the creativity I represent. Its no longer a resume, but a living list of links and references that show me for who I am and what I am capable of. Work with me and the journey will be exciting, challenging and rewarding.

-Be human. Be yourself.