Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Connected Lifestyle

The other evening I sat down on the couch to watch TV and instead of reaching for the TV Remote I picked up my phone, selected a show and cast it to the TV. The show started playing on the TV and I went back to browsing twitter on my phone.

My friends came over a little while later. My doorbell doesn't work so they texted me. I paused the show from my phone and greeted them at the door. We started setting up board games and we wanted some background music. Instead of turning on the radio, I picked up my phone, cast my music to the TV and adjusted the volume.

Since I'm a busy parent, I hadn't remembered to prepare dinner. I picked up my phone and brought up the food delivery app and asked everyone to select what they wanted to eat. I submitted our order and a moment later I received a text message confirming our food order.

During the game my phone alerted me that my baby was crying in his upstairs bedroom. I picked up my phone and checked on him through the video app and saw that he was going back to sleep. That's when I noticed it was too cold in the house, so I switched over to the temperature app and told the heater to warm up the house.

Soon after, I received a text alerting me that the food delivery was at the door. I answered the door, thanked the delivery guy and brought the food to the kitchen table. I pulled up the delivery app and tipped the driver. While we ate we shared the funniest videos we had seen during the week. We took turns casting our favorite YouTube videos to the TV.

The connected life allows me to do what I'm already doing, but with less effort. I don't have to learn how to use the TV remote because I can just click a show on my phone. I don't have to fix my doorbell because everyone I want visiting is sending me a text. I don't have to plan ahead for dinner because I can order it in.

The Fortune500s are showing me a very different view of a connected home. I am afraid that the big companies are blinded by profits and are missing the essence of the Internet of Things. At the core of all this hype is simply a way to communicate and stay informed. The gimmicky trinkets and toys that are being demonstrated miss the utility of the Internet of Things. I want higher quality time with my family and friends.

Connecting my TV, thermostat, baby monitor, and phone to the Internet of Things allows me to spend less time on daily tasks and more time hanging out with my family and friends.