Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to recruit talent

Tell me your story. That’s it. Your company needs to blog about interesting topics. What’s the latest product you shipped? What’s the latest technology you are working with? Share some coding examples. Share some organization tips. Tell me about why I should work with you. Tell me about who I will be working with.

Talented people have a job. If you want them to work for you then you need to get their attention and keep it. They will gladly change jobs for you if you can demonstrate the value to them. You should never post a job on a job board or send it to a recruiting firm. Talented people don’t spend time on job boards because they have a job. Talented people don’t answer the phone for recruiters because they are getting dozens of annoying calls and emails from them.

Recruiting is relationship building. The same advice for making friends applies to hiring talent. Be yourself, don’t hide behind a fabricated brand. People work with people, so let us see who you are. When you do share a job opening don’t blow your horn about how great you are, tell me about how awesome it will be to work together.

Finally, be secure with who you are as a company.Self preserving moves like probation periods and stingy vacation policies expose your insecurity with your ability to hire talent. If your policies favor a clean breakup then we know you never truly had your heart into it.

-Build relationships that last a lifetime.