Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How I used twitter to get a job lead

I just finished my experiment to use social media to get a job. Here are the results.

I’ve had a crush on SmartThings since they demonstrated their product at LeWeb 2012. They are a Minnesota company and I’m a Minnesotan. Yeah Minnesota! Ironically, I moved to Texas to chase the Internet of Things tech scene and wasn’t planning on moving back for a few years. The same year I left to pursue the Internet of Things in Texas, SmartThings was started in Minnesota.

The few years I planned to be Texas have passed and I’m once again living in Minnesota, but still not working at SmartThings. Samsung purchased SmartThings and now they are all over the news and I’m sure they receive thousands of resumes for every job they post. I needed a plan to get passed the filter and be visible to the leaders of SmartThings.

I made a silly ad for myself. I took inspiration from the dog posters, where owners are looking for a loving home for their pet. I wrote it up, took a silly picture of myself and exported it to a jpg. I tweeted the picture and a short message that mentioned the SmartThing’s twitter handle.

Then I asked everyone in my twitter network to retweet it. I also contacted my friends on LinkedIn and requested they forward my tweet to people who work at SmartThings. I asked everyone in my network to retweet. I got 25 retweets and 28 likes. That’s not huge by twitter standards, but good for the niche I’m working in and I made sure to did this on a slow day.

The reason I wanted so many retweets is because Twitter will send a note to a user every time a tweet they are mentioned in is retweeted. By mentioning SmartThings in the tweet, they would be notified. Hopefully, this would be the most popular tweet that day and their social media manager would notice me. I think it worked because on the day I tweeted this, my picture was the first search result.

Then I went on vacation. It wasn’t planned, but it worked out that way. I sent the tweet, got the retweets, then waited on the beach in Jamaica. A day later one of the SmartThings employees messaged me! WooHoo! It worked! I got the attention of SmartThings. The message was simple and said they had a job and I should apply. Not the big bang I was hoping for, but it worked.

My next plan of action is to get the attention of the founders. Not sure how yet, but I know they want me on their team. The problem is that they don’t know what they don’t know, so I need to let them know.

-I hope you take inspiration from this post and more than that I hope you take action!