Wednesday, January 14, 2015

When you get to the top, Jump!

I had just finished launching an exciting project, my team was running smooth, and awesome opportunities were coming my way; so at the height of my career I quit.

It is common knowledge that to succeed in the stock market you buy low and sell high. The problem is human nature makes us sell while the market crashes and buy as the market rises.

I used to look for new jobs when I was depressed about the one I had. The problem is that when I'm depressed I do a poor job of selling myself.

I changed it up for my most recent job switch. Instead of waiting till I was burnt out, I started looking for a job while I was hot.

What I learned is that I had an incredible story to tell about my recent successes. I was excited to talk about what I was doing and what I was learning. This excitement helped me crush my interviews.

Since my current job was going well I also had an advantage when it came time to talk salary expectations. If I asked for too much it wasn't a problem I still had a job I loved. I was negotiating from a position of strength.

As a result of quitting while things were going my way I negotiated my highest raise to date and still work with amazing technology and awesome coworkers.

- Crush it this week!