Thursday, January 22, 2015

Do this today

Working less is all about seizing the right opportunities. Great opportunities show up at anytime. Be ready for those opportunities by doing these three things today.

Update your resume

You have done a lot of awesome things since you last updated your resume. Take time today to update it with your recent highlights. Your resume should be a living document that stays current with your achievements. This is important for job searches, but also important for your next raise and promotion at your current job.

Setup LinkedIn

Your future friends and employers are on LinkedIn. I have met people who are exciting about engineering on LinkedIn and then met up with them at the next conference. LinkedIn is the place to network with other professionals who are doing what you want to do.

Start blogging

All my recent job transitions have been because of my blog. I keep the topic focused on what I want my career to be. I put a link to my blog on my resume, but the catch is none of the hiring managers looked at it till I brought it up during the interview. My most recent interview was cut short because the hiring manager had all he needed to make a decision from my blog. Teach, reflect or just be creative, and make sure the topics line up with your career goals.

-Carpe Diem!