Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Do it once. Do it well.

The most influential lesson my dad taught me was by accident. I got up at stupid thirty in the morning to trudge down the back stair and across the dirt floor of the damp basement. The third time this week I had to wake early and, before my morning coffee, go down to the basement to reset the heater.

A couple months earlier, my dad had a fancy new heater installed that was suppose to be hotter and more efficient than the two it replaced. Long story short, the company that installed it went out of business and our heater had a few unique qualities.

Somewhere in the heating system there was a leak, the water pressure would drop and the heater would stop. Every morning I'd have to go add water to bring the pressure up and then reset the heater.

When I moved out of my dad's house I was so glad I'd never have to wake up early to start my day in a dirty basement. Well, once I moved out, my dad had to start resetting the heater. So, he called in a certified contractor. The contractor took one look at the heater and added the missing part. Fixed. That was it, all we needed was an expert to spend a couple hours looking at our problem.

If only I had called a certified contractor at the beginning, I could have saved myself three winters worth of waking early to reset the heater.

- The world judges results, not effort.