Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Choose your enemy, your success depends on it

Success at a corporation depends on how strong your MVE is and how well your MVE fits with the culture.

Your MVE is your driving principles. It stands for your Mission, your Values and your Enemy.

All successful corporations have an MVE. All successful employees have a strong MVE that aligns with the corporation's MVE.

A corporation's mission statement and a list of values is easy to find and usually agreeable. Aligning with these is just a matter of being a responsible human being.

Finding a corporation's enemy is vital to career success. It also requires detective work. A corporation doesn't want to let everyone know who they are fighting against.

In order to be perceived as a 'team player' it is essential to align your enemy with the corporation's enemy. Every decision will subtly reveal who your enemy is.

Management will unknowingly judge you by how well your enemy aligns with their enemy. The employees who demonstrate that their MVE is aligned with management's MVE will be subconsciously preferred and promoted.

- Go get 'em this week!