Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3 things you should selfishly share

Sharing is one of the best ways to create more value. Giving away value for free creates more value to give. Knowledge is a resource that can always be improved. When we share, we allow others to fill in the gaps of our knowledge. We learn more and can create more.

Share your story

You have a story that others can learn from and relate to. Your successes and failures are waiting to 
be shared. Your failures are not unique. There are many people who have experienced similar failure. Sharing your failures lets people bond with you. Together we can learn and grow. Together we can find a better path.

Sharing your success and how you achieved it creates value for everyone. Your success encourages others. Sharing your success allows for feedback and improvement. As good as your success was, it could be better. By sharing your victory you become stronger.

Share your knowledge

You have learned things other people have not. Sharing your knowledge allows others to try your 
path. Their success will further enhance your understanding. Sharing what you know makes you fill in your own personal knowledge gaps. When you teach you create a clear understanding. Not only does sharing help others, but it strengthens your own understanding.

Share your network

Connecting people together is one of the most valuable things you can do. Getting the right people 
together creates 10X the opportunities and value. Pairing complementary talent together is one of the 
most difficult things to do. By creating serendipity you create huge opportunities for people. You will be rewarded for being at the hub of new opportunities.

-Share your world!